12 Seater Minibus Bath

12 Seater Minibus Bath

A reliable 12 Seater minibus lets you explore Bath in comfort. Our competent team is equipped to handle all of your needs. Call our Minibus hire in Bath first for weddings, graduations, and birthday parties. Sharing special occasions with family is simple. Our compact 12 seaters will accommodate your group with ease.

Our 12 seater is designed for the hot months of summer. It is completely air-conditioned. This makes it easy to travel for long distances on the hottest days. Just book our bus for your beach trip. We will get you to the coast in style. The air conditioning can readily be adjusted for your needs. If it is too cold we can raise the temperature to a relaxing level.

Our comfortable bus has space for all of your luggage. The room is available under the seats for any gear you wish to transport. We can accommodate suitcases easily. This makes our 12 seaters an ideal option for all your trips to the airport. We can pick you up as early in the morning as you require. We can also greet relatives and friends at the airport on your behalf.

Safety is a concern for our team. Our 12 seater has several features on board to ensure your safety. We keep a fire extinguisher on board our bus. Thus is maintained regularly. Each driver is fully trained in its use. This feature is standard on all of our buses. We use seatbelts as well in our fleet. Our minibus hires in Bath requests that our clients use these while they travel. Features such as these are part of our commitment to quality service. Trust us to take care of you on school trips and whenever you wish to attend football games.

The sun's harsh glare can sometimes make passengers uncomfortable. We ensure that all of our passengers are shielded from that. A tint is used on all the windows of our 12 seaters. That keeps out excessive heat. Guests can admire the beauty of the land as we drive through. The tint on our 12 seater has another advantage. It provides our clients with privacy. No one can easily look inside the bus as they travel.