16 Seater Minibus Bath

16 Seater Minibus Bath

There is so much to see and do in the beautiful town of Bath and if you are there for a break, why not hire one of our 16 seaters to get around safely? These vehicles are absolutely ideal for a whole host of different occasions. Here are some of the benefits of choosing Minibus Hire in Bath and this vehicle in particular.

Advantages of a 16 seater minibus

- Despite the fact it only holds 16 passengers, it is surprisingly spacious - with plenty of leg room and also lots of luggage space. We can guarantee that you will feel comfortable and relaxed no matter how long the journey might be.

- Our 16 seater standard minibus is a Ford model and it is known for being very reliable, it can go long distances without the need for maintenance and runs like a charm. If you want to travel in a little more luxury, you can choose a Mercedes model which is sleek with a stylish leather interior.

- These vehicles have all the amenities you and the other passengers could need for a seamless experience around Bath. This includes air conditioning, a stereo system, armrests and in our luxury vehicles, privacy screens and flat screen TVs. Our team is very friendly so if anything else is required, feel free to ask.

- Minibus Hire in Bath aim to be as reasonably priced as possible and traveling by minibus is the most cost-effective option whatever the occasion might be. If you were traveling by taxi or limousine, you would pay much more.

- We have a range of qualified drivers who have extensive knowledge of the Bath area and can get you wherever you need to be. They are experienced in handling our 16 seaters and have all the necessary experience to give you a great experience.


There are many advantages to choosing Minibus Hire in Bath and our 16 seaters. Whether you are fine with our reliable standard or you want to go, executive, it's all up to you.