8 Seater Minibus Bath

8 Seater Minibus Bath

Our minibus hire in Bath 8-seater minibus is the most preferred option for small groups. These vehicles combine utility, style, and comfort.

Being small and compact in size, the 8-seater minibus vehicles can maneuver the narrow inner city roads and crowded urban roads with ease. For instance, it is easy with these vehicles to make quick U-turns and diversions, to take alternative routes when one route has heavy traffic.

The small size of the 8-seater minibus does not compromise comfort in any way. These vehicles are by no means cramped. The interiors are spacious, with wide seats, complete with arm-rests, head-rests, and ample leg space. There is ample aisle space, and space to store luggage. It is also easy to attach a trailer, to carry bulky luggage. Troupe performers and tourists would find the trailer attachment option especially handy.

Our minibus hire in Bath vehicles has a reputation for being well-maintained. All our vehicles are new, as part of our corporate strategy to replace vehicles every five to six years. Newer vehicles mean lesser maintenance, greater fuel efficiency, and the latest accessories. Air-conditioning and music systems are standard features in all our vehicles. Several other accessories, such as USB charging ports, overhead LED reading lamps, and more, add to the comfort of the passengers. These vehicles also come with a host of safety accessories such as anti-slip mats, safety handles, and more, besides in-built safety features such as anti-collision system.

We complement our state-of-the-art minibus hire Bath vehicles with impeccable service. The drivers, who come with these 8-seater minibuses have many years of experience driving small vehicles. They are not just highly skilled, but have also undergone several refresher training sessions. They make sure you reach your destination in the quickest possible time, while not taking risks, over-speeding, indulging in rash driving, or violating any traffic rules.

Our 8-seater minibus is the vehicle of choice for families out on shopping trips, a small group of friends out on a night out jaunt, a group of business executives attending meetings, for airport transfers, and a host of other purposes. These vehicles allow groups of six to eight passengers to travel together rather than take two cars. It also offers a hassle-free and economical trip