BA16 Minibus

BA16 Minibus

Street, a quaint village in Mendip district of Somerset traces originated as a pre-Roman settlement.

The town is today famous as the headquarters of C&J Clark. In the 17th Century, the Clarks had started a business in sheepskin rugs, woollen slippers, and boots, out of the town. The Shoe Museum, which details the growth of the company, is one of the chief tourist attractions in town.

The historical Glastonbury Abbey, along with the 12th Century causeway from Glastonbury used to transport Blue Lias stone to rebuild the abbey, is a major attraction in town.

The Glastonbury Tor, a terraced hill with church ruins, Chalice Well, an ancient water source, Ivythorn Manor on Pages Hill, a medieval monastic house, are another buildings of interest. Somerset Rural Life Museum, and Tribunal, a museum set in an ancient stone building, are also worthy of a visit.

White Spring, a natural mineral spring, the Spapwick Health National Nature Reserve, and Sharpham Park, a 300-acre historic park dating back to the Bronze Age, are all popular hot-spots to connect with nature.

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