Bath Coach Hire

Our Bath Coach Hire service is regarded as a premium service which we offer and this is mainly for medium to large sized groups who will require transport for conferences, parties, corporate events and also other major functions. The normal means of transport is the form of mini coaches, medium sized coaches and also the larger double decker bus services.

Due to the nature of the service, such bookings are normally carried out through major corporations and large establishments whether private or public. However for smaller organisation who are unfamiliar with this service, we can offer a step by step booking guide.

We must confess that we will work with many independent operators as well when it comes to provision of this service and this is important so that we can take into account flexibility, and also meet specified needs as well. We will appoint an internal supervisor who will organise events from start to finish.

Please note that during busy periods such as Christmas and the summer holidays we experience a high number of enquiries and we always advise our customers to book well in advance to avoid disappointment. Rest assured that we still exhaust our services and extra staff is appointed to guide you during our most testing and busy times.