Templecombe Minibus Hire, BA8 Coach Hire

Templecombe Minibus Hire, BA8 Coach Hire

BA8 Templecombe in Somerset, is situated on the A357, has several attractions of note.

The hoary Sherborne Castle is the chief attraction in the region. The 16th Century castle, with its striking works of fine arts, and ornate furnishings, is a walk back in time. Sir Walter Raleigh's stately mansion is nearby, as is the scenic Sherborne lake. Visitors seeking nature at its pristine best would also do well to make a visit to Holway Woods Nature Reserve. The Old St Cuthbert's Church in Oborne dates back to 1533, and is another historical attraction in town.

It pays to avail our minibus hire in Bath to visit Templecombe and the attractions in the region. When you hire our minibus you are spared of the hassles of organising transportation and even the itinerary. Our highly dedicated customer support team and experienced drivers can suggest the best itinerary suitable to your interests and requirements. With our large fleet size, you are also assured of a vehicle which exactly matches your group size.

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All our vehicles offer the unbeatable mix of style, comfort, and utility. The spacious interiors, marked by wide, upholstered seats, perfectly complement the sleek and stylish exteriors. The wide aisles, ample luggage space, powerful air-conditioning, the latest music system, overhead reading lamps for each seat, armrests, anti-slip mats, drinks fridge, and a host of other accessories and fitments all contribute to a safe and comfortable journey. We make it a point to clean and inspect the vehicle thoroughly before the start of every trip.

As a matter of policy, we replace our minibus hire vehicles once every five to six years. This reduces the maintenance costs, improves mileage, and makes sure our vehicle comes fitted with the latest accessories. We pass on the benefits to you, meaning we offer the lowest rates in town for minibus hire services, even while we provide the best vehicles and the best service.